Best Mobile Carrier If You Have Bad Credit

Not every mobile carrier network is the same when it comes to the quality of contracts offered to people with no credit. Some carriers are more willing to trust people with bad or no credit as opposed to others. Knowing which carriers to look at should save you some time when you are looking for a contract. You won’t waste your time browsing and applying for contracts with companies that are not likely to give you a contract.

When it comes to no credit check mobile phones, the best mobile companies are T-mobile, Orange Mobile and Three Mobile. All three of these companies are well known and provide good service to people in the UK. They are also the most likely to work with people who have bad credit in order to find a deal that will work for them. All of these companies have plenty of options when it comes to contracts and the types of phones you can get.

There are also other things to consider when looking for a no credit check contract. To increase you chances of getting a contract from one of these companies, you should try and make it the simplest, least expensive plan as possible. This means things like getting an older or refurbished phone, getting less minutes, or getting a smaller data plan. If you are not trying to get the latest phone and the most expensive plan they offer, these companies are more likely to take the risk with you. You’ll have a much better chance of getting accepted if you keep your plan cheap.

When it comes time to apply, you should apply through one of these companies directly. They are more likely to give you a contract if you work with them directly instead of going through a third party. Hopefully by narrowing down which companies you look into, you will have an easier time getting a mobile contract with bad credit. Again, remember to keep it simple and settle for a basic plan and phone if you have to. Over time, as you show that you can make payments on it, you will build your credit back up and be able to get a more comprehensive plan and a more current phone.