Mobile Networks

Knowing which mobile networks to apply to when you are looking for a no credit check mobile phone is one of the hardest parts of the process. Each network has its own rules when it comes to who they will or will not lend to. Going around to each different company and applying for a contract is time consuming and tedious. That is why we have listed below some details on the major mobile phone carriers. By knowing more about each company before you start applying, you can save time by only working with a company you know is likely to give you a contract.

T-Mobile: This is one of the largest mobile phone carries not only in the UK, but in the world. They have one of the largest coverage areas, so you’ll be getting a good phone service if you sign up with them. While they are not particularly known for offering no credit check contracts, they do offer many budget options. They also offer a wide variety of Sim Only plans and budget phone plans. By getting a cheaper plan, you are more likely to be approved if you have bad credit. T-mobile has gotten generally positive reviews from customers, with many reporting contract approval on their first try.

Orange: Another well known carrier, Orange mobile offers a decent selection of affordable phones and plans. Much like T-mobile, they offer Sim Only plans, along with several lower priced budget plans. Orange is a good company to look into if you know other people who currently use them. In this case, you can add them to your “Friends” list and get free calls and texting to them. Orange also has a rewards program, so you can earn things like cinema tickets for free. If you want an affordable monthly contract and like the idea of getting rewards, Orange mobile is a good company to look in to.

Shebang: This is a fairly new mobile company which offers its coverage through the Three network. The good thing about this company is that it offers 100 percent guaranteed acceptance on Sim Only contracts. They also do not perform a credit check when deciding whether or not to give out a contract. The downside is that because they are giving out plans to people with bad credit, they are often more expensive. If you have the money, just not the credit score to back it up, then you may want to consider Shebang.