Sim Only Contracts

When you have bad credit, there are not a lot of options out there for mobile contracts. A lot of the mobile phone companies are unwilling to give you a phone and a contract if they do not think that they can trust you. If you have been trying to get a mobile contract and have thus far been unsuccessful, you might want to consider trying for a Sim Only contract.

With a Sim Only contract, you are getting the mobile carrier’s service, but you are not getting a phone. This type of contract is more likely to be given out to people with bad credit by the mobile phone companies because there is not as much risk for them. They do not have to worry about someone paying back their contract bill and paying for a phone too. Sim Only contracts are therefore pretty cheap, and are good options for people with bad or no credit.

These plans are also perfect if you already have an old phone that you want to keep. If you are one of those people who does not need to get the latest phones when they come out, and are perfectly happy using your old phone, this is a great deal. You save money by using your old phone, and you will be more likely to get accepted for a contract. If you do not have an old phone to use, you can often find them online for pretty cheap. You can purchase an old, used, or refurbished phone online for a fraction of the cost, and then get a Sim Only plan, all with a poor credit rating.

Simply put, Sim Only contracts are a great option for people with bad credit. The only drawback is if you do not currently have a phone to use, but like we said, you can purchase these online, usually for a cheaper amount. These contracts are a great way to start building up your credit as well, as long as you continually meet your payments on time. Once you have repaired your credit score a little bit, you will be more likely to get a regular mobile phone contract, one that comes with that latest phone you have had your eye on. Until then, you can certainly do a lot worse than a reasonably priced Sim Only contract.